Ideal For Remodeling Projects

Having clean, beautiful woodwork at a fraction of the cost of refinishing, refacing or replacing the cabinets leaves more in the budget for appliances, countertops and floors. Increased Value in a Short Amount of Time

When preparing a home for sale, a greasy, scratched, peeling, out-dated kitchen has the potential for making potential buyers see a lot of work and expense that will be their responsibility. Instead of drastic changes - choosing updated wall colors, hardware and countertops AND refreshing the cabinets to like new can make a BIG difference on a modest budget.

See Return on Investment Facts for a link to a study cited on that projects average return on investment for kitchen remodeling. (Other improvements are also listed in the report.)

One thing to note is that our service would be lower in cost than the Minor the return on investment would be well above 100%.

We can fix thing up in a short amount of time and for a lot less than other alternatives, just one reason a lot of our referrals come from experienced realtors in tight markets.

Cleaning or Remodeling for Lifestyle Change Reasons

Another important reason for remodeling is that lifestyle changes like a handicap, elderly parents or work demands may dictate that updates be made. Our process with no dust, no mess and no fumes is easy on homeowners with health issues, and our easy care finish can be kept up by nearly anyone.

Let's Get Started!

Call us for more information or to schedule a free estimate. We do a test area so you'll know the exact price and expected results before we start.