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34 Years Of Satisfied Customers Has Led To National And International Expansion

Our family has  been restoring interior woodwork with this process since 1989, and continuously getting reports and referrals from satisfied customers, we know it lasts beautifully.

The reason we originally developed the process was the frustration homeowners experienced in keeping their woodwork looking clean and new. Due to the instability of spray lacquer, and the root problems with that finish, aside from sanding and traditional refinishing, the only accessible option was cleaning with oil products marketed to moisturize" the wood.

Rubbing oil on the woodwork makes it look shiny for a few days and some oils have colors that cover scratches, but when the wood is coated with spray lacquer, polyurethane or varnish, the oil doesn't penetrate and the results are minimal.

We thoroughly clean the woodwork, touch up damaged areas with matching stain or paint and rub on the MiraWood stabilizer and then the optical enhancing protective finish.This is a new innovation we own exclusively under the MiraWood brand.

MiraWood stabilizes the existing finish and makes the surface smooth and easy to clean. It has an optical property that makes the woodwork glow, but doesn't actually change the color.

Don't settle for a temporary solution or quick cover-up. Get easy to clean beautiful woodwork throughout your home or business!

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